Prices and Information:

Work Area

We service the greater West Seattle, White Center, Burien and Normandy Park with service outside the area for larger jobs. We service homeowners, realtors, property management companies, school and businesses.


Do I have to be home when the estimator comes by ? 

NO. If the estimator needs to inspect your yard to write up a bid, most often he is able to see everything with out entering your property. He will then call or email you a price.


Do I have to be home when my work is done ?

NO. Many unlicensed discount yard mowing companies always want to be paid in cash at the time of service. Ken's Yard Service is a insured business with a contractor license. We have daily route sheets, the workers simply show up, perform the work and you are billed at a later date.


Can I have your workers do some additional work while they are here ?

Typically not. Since they are working on a schedule, adding unexpected time to a job may throw off the schedule for that day. They also may not have the equipment to do any work besides what they were intending to do. If you would like additional work, please call or email the office.



When preparing an estimate that includes yard mowing we may ask the following questions;

Would you like a weed-eater edge or blade edge ?

Edging is making a clean cut between the grass and sidewalk or walkways

in your yard. A blade edge may be deeper and make a more defined line but

it can take longer and may add extra cost. Weed-eater edging is faster

and still produces a very clean edge. 

Would like a price to continue on a regular schedule ?

If the yard is overgrown or not cut recently it will take longer. Once we mow it on a regular schedule it will take less time for each service.

If you stay on a regular mowing schedule the price per mowing will typically be less than one single mowing.

Do you have yard waste pick up or a compost pile?

We have additional fees to drop off yard waste for recycling. If we can leave the grass clippings in your yard waste pick-up can, the cost for mowing will be less. We can also leave the clippings on your compost pile.


We can work at an hourly rate or up front bid price.

The price for an average West Seattle yard mowed, weed-eater edged and blown clean starts at approximately $32.00. If the property does not have yard waste pick-up and we remove the clippings there is a small additional charge.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

If you would like an estimate, you may call 206-932-6223 anytime, fill out the bid request form, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We accept major credit cards.






Started by Ken Campbell and his family in 1984 with only 1 vehicle they set out to serve the growing needs of West Seattle's families and businesses.  It is still the same family business now with Ken's son Julian Campbell as the owner. Some employees and many customers have been with the company for more than 20 years. Centrally located in White Center they are able to serve West Seattle and Burien.